I love being a programmer

Coding life

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Coding

First time in my life
finished a LAN network 3D game

I love games, there is a world inside my head. One day, everyone will see it.

Koala and Zip

Nothing will come true if I haven't met my wife.

My home town

Sometime I miss the old days, the old us.

About more

I love programming my own game for playing, and right now I am working as a software developer in Edinburgh, feel free to contact me if you have any question.


    Hunt Me If You Can is an UnrealEngine4 3D LAN Battle Game.

  • Burst Paparazzi

    A background process really pisses you off? Well, let's blow it up!

  • 3JS Model Editor

    A 3D model editor based on three.js.

  • LegendOfMountainSea

    4X sandbox game with legend of Mountain and Sea Classics.

  • GCode Painter

    A GCodePainter based on html canvas.

  • Qin

    A gaming sandbox engine written in JavaScript.

My name is Tyreal Gray

I am working on a game which contains hundreds of Chinese ancient legend. Watch me or help me